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Deep Sheth

Iā€™m a full-stack engineer developing greenfield innovations in the fintech industry.

I work on the Growth team at Bread as a Software Engineer. Previously, I was on the innovation team at Fidelity. I graduated from Lehigh University's Computer Science and Business program and spent some time interning at Deloitte.

At Bread I'm building software products to expand payment options across the internet.

I'm a product-focused engineer who works heavily on our frontend. I focus on a mix of greenfield and growth work. I've pioneered our new design system, launched a new customer portal, and improved app performance to prepare us for unprecedented scale.

As part of the Growth team, I run data-driven A/B tests to lift our checkout conversions and improve the overall customer journey.

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I developed firm-wide best practices for Fidelity's brokerage technology.

As a software engineer on the Center of Excellence team, I developed proof of concepts to evaluate new tech stacks for legacy and greenfield applications. I've worked with Ethereum to manage Alternative Investments, Kafka to rebuild our core brokerage platform, and frontend frameworks to create dashboards for executives.

I built a database to discover vacant apartments in Jersey City.

As someone frustrated with trying to find broker-free apartments around NYC, I decided to make the process easier. I launched Parapet to make apartment hunting a data-driven decision. I worked across the stack, from the backend webscraper to the React frontend.

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I come ready to tackle fintech challenges with my undergraduate experience.

At Lehigh, I consistently won hackathons and coding competitions. Along the way, I worked on many side projects with roommates.

I graduated from Lehigh's Computer Science and Business program, where I was a teaching assistant for two courses and a founding member of the Lehigh Fintech Group.

As a fun project, I created a web app to play a game of connect-the-dots.

I was inspired by the Dots mobile game and recreated a cross-platform version using HTML5 canvas. My top score is 573 ā€” shouldn't be too hard to top. šŸ˜›
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